NMTC 2012 ( CLASS 9th and 10th) Question paper

The AMTI is a pioneer organisation in promoting and conducting Maths Talent Tests in India. Last year (43rd TC Data) (in the 43rd National level tests) 54058 students from 332 institutions spread all over India, participated at the screening level; 10% of them insitutionwise were selected for the final test. For the benefit of final level contestants and the chosen few for INMO, special orientation camps were conducted. Merit certificates and prizes were awarded to the deserving students.

NMTC Question Paper


About shivang1729

I am a young student who loves math . I like number theory and inequalities part the most , and preparing for Math Olympiads :)

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  1. how many questions would be in the question papre of amti?

  2. hey, how did you prepare for the examination?

  3. very bad student ,so bad paper

  4. i have so many doubts and i did not prepare for amti…………..


  6. I think , it will be out in first weak of October 🙂 .
    Anyways , can anyone share the paper?

  7. Can anyone please share the AMTI second level of classes 5th and 6th

  8. NCERT 9th Math solutions: chapter-wise, detailed solutions to the questions of the Ncert textbooks are provided with the objective of helping students compare their answers with the sample answers.

  9. pls intelligent candidates especialy sivang pls share key and explain neatly pls

  10. Abc of mathematics

  11. u shivang sujan fuk

  12. ]sivang sujan fu\ck

  13. please send 2014 AMTI questio paper

  14. Does anyone here have stage two’s past question papers?

  15. send amti sub-junior qustion paper

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  17. I need NMTC second level paper of 2014 9th and10tj classes

  18. nice visit ncert site for more solutions

  19. Where I can find nmtc 2012 class x solutions

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