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The Folk Problem ! ! !

This is very intresting and can be said as Tough Problem !!!!

A cencus taker comes to the home of a lady and aks her,”How many children do you have and what are there ages?”The lady was crazy enough to answer like this,”I have three daughters and product of the greatest integer function of their ages is 36.”.Now the cencus taker asked for some other information too.The lady replied,”If I tell you the sum of greatest integer function of their ages ,then also you can not point out.”So the cencus taker asked for some useful information.The lady laughingly said,”My elder daughter fell in the bathroom yesterday”.The cencus taker understood what the ages of the 3 daughters were and went away.What are the ages of the 3 daughters of the crazy lady?

Solution Updated :
Best solution is given by Anirud Thyagharajan
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Tom Sawyer ,  Anirud Thyagharajan  , Tarun Garg

The answer is: Elder girl’s age is 9 years and the other 2 have ages 2, and 2 each. This is expressed in GIF form. Solution: According to the first condition, We obtain that the product of GIF of the three daughter’s ages is 36. Now, we also know that it is not possible to ascertain the triplet using the sum of the GIF’s of the ages, so , the sum must be repetitive. Preparing a set of triplets, (1,36,1) (1,18,2) (1,12,3) (1,6,6) (1,4,9) (2,3,6) (2,9,2) (3,3,4) Now, the set of sums are { 38,21,16,14,13,13,10,11} 13 repeats itself in two forms {2,2,9} { 6,6,1} However, here , is where it becomes important, as the elder daughter falls, it is specified that there is ONLY one elder daughter, which cancels the second option. So, the answer is (2,2,9) 🙂