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IMO 1983 – Problem 3

Let N and k be positive integers and  let S be a set of   n points in the plane such that

(i) no three points of S  are collinear, and
(ii)  for any point P of  S, there are at least k points of S equidistant from P

Prove that  k  <  \frac{1}{2}  +  \sqrt{2n}

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Solution will be updated soon


IMO 2007 Short list problem

Find all functions  \large f:\mathbb{R+} \rightarrow \mathbb{R+} such that

f\left(x + f\left(y\right)\right) = f\left(x + y\right) + f\left(y\right)

for all x,y \large \in  \large \mathbb{R+}

Solution :

For any positive real numbers z, we have that


and by Cauchy in positive reals, then f(x)=\alpha x for all x\in (0,\infty)
Now it’s easy to see that \alpha=2 , then f(x)=2x    for all positive real numbers x

Problem Of the Day-2

Here is Yesterday Problem

Yesterday Winner was Akash Agarwal

You must be knowing that If you win the Problem of the day for 4 times in a week – then I will send you a Really interesting book on any topic you want 🙂

Today’s Problem  :

Find all possible values of x satisfying :

[x]/[x-2] – [x-2]/[x] = (8{x} + 12)/([x-2][x])

(.) = Normal bracket
{.} = Fractional part function
[.] = GIF/Floor function